About Us

I have the honour to welcome you in the name of the Editorial Board of The Scientific Journal Training And Practice. The significant value of the journal is its interdisciplinarity and the variety of genres, since the authors venture on exploring global social problems from a narrative, personal point of view which is often directed by emotions.

It is a special pleasure for us that two faculties of education, the Faculty of Education of Kaposvár University and the Benedek Elek Faculty of Education of the University of Sopron Hungary have been coediting the journal for four years  which is becoming more and more popular in national as well as international circles of public education and institutes of higher education.
There is an exemplary professional, scientific and human contact between the two institutes which goes beyond the borders of the journal and we are very proud of this.
As an acknowledgement of our work the Hungarian Academy of Sciences  qualifies  us a scientific paper. We consider that besides being original, up-to-date and creative it is also extremely important to keep an eye on the quality. The publications that appear in the journal are reviewed by two professional readers. Excellent scientists, researchers and experts support our work in the National and International Advisory Board. We thank them for being with us.

The papers  approved by the readers  appear in five sections.  Section „Studies” carries longer articles of exceptional scientific value,  section „Studies And Articles in a Foreign Language” offers publicity for papers in a foreign language either from Hungary or abroad. Section „Training And Practice” is for articles about  practice and methodology of education, section „Review” is for short articles which are written about the science of education, section „Book Reviews”  draws attention on the publications of latest researches of pedagogy and human studies.

Our main mission is to become a forum of the  national and international discourses on educational sciences and to publish the papers of researchers, experts, teachers and students in a qualified scientific journal.

Let this journal be a beneficial,  intellectual nutrition for getting to know our educator  forebears, our experiences of pedagogy  in the moments of the present and the past and a development of a loving future.

Yours sincerely in the name of the Editorial Board,

Réka Kissné Zsámboki

Andrea Bencéné Fekete
Former Editor-in-chief

László Varga
Former Editor-in-chief