17. évfolyam, 2019/1. szám

Bartal Orsolya
The Role of the Teacher and the Blended-Learning Method

In our digital and globalized world it is beyond dispute that we, as teachers, need to renew ourselves both professionally and methodologically from time to time. According to Kristóf Nyíri (academic professional MTA) it is reflected – even in 2018 – on the one hand that in the konwledge society life-long learning (LLL) is compulsory and educating people besides working at the same time, and on the other hand the Internet is supposed to be the usual and natural way of everyday orientation and administration/communication (Nyíri, 2003). The teacher would like to join the new society of knowledge even during the lessons or outside of it as the interferer of science, art, languages etc. In the latest decades the role of teachers (at all levels of education) has been going on tremendous changes parallel with the institution of Hungarian education. The roles had to adjust to these changes and expectations. In my study I would like to highlight the role/s of teachers while using blended/mixed-learning method in-, and outside the classroom especially in university eductaion focusing on language teaching.

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