14. évfolyam, 2016/1-2. szám

Dubis, Malgorzata
Computer as an Active Form of Spending Free Time by Children

Nowadays free time is of great importance in the life of individuals. It is an intrinsic aspect of life, necessary for the proper functioning of a person. Modern civilization throws temptations of passive rest and sedentary entertainment especially the use of a computer. As reality suggests, one of the most popular forms of spending free time by teenagers is „meeting” in a virtual space. Spending free time by young people on social networking sites has become an integral part of their lives. Pilot studies are presented in this article, they concern different ways of spending free time of young people with the special consideration of using the computer and the internet. The diversity in ways of spending free time has been analysed in these studies according to the age ranges of young people and diverse territorial environments. The researches that served to collect the empirical material, were conducted in 3 big towns, 3 medium-sized towns, 3 small towns, and 3 rural districts. It was pointed out that irrational use of computer and internet by young people causes real danger for the health and the functioning of a child. Moreover, due to the lack of full social maturity, young people are easily influenced by others, also those impelling undesirable behaviours.

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